"I had the great pleasure of working with Michelle for a year and in that one year I noticed an improvement in my breathing technique, vocal technique, my confidence and my overall vocal ability. As her student, I started to gain awareness of my voice and body and with that I was able to address my bad habits as well as apply that awareness to improve myself vocally. Michelle is very encouraging and challenges you beyond your limits in a healthy way. She has great instincts in applying everyday life into your lesson and always supporting you with a smile on her face. Michelle is always a pleasure to work with and her positive attitude, her phenomenal ear and her honesty are all rare talents that any singer would be lucky to study under. Her kindness and her intelligence make her one of the greatest teacher I've ever had the honour of working with."

Crystal May
Rocky Mountain College,
Calgary, Canada

"Michelle is an extremely hard worker with an infectious enthusiasm and sense of fun.  She gets along well with everyone and makes them feel good about themselves and herself, without compromising her ability to demand a very high standard and facilitate growth exceeding the expectations of most participants.  She makes learning to sing well seem easy, rather than incredibly complicated and technical as many voice teachers do.  She has something to teach everyone, from terrified beginners who have never had a lesson before, to experienced, trained singers.  All come out of workshops or private lessons feeling excited, inspired and empowered by the experience and full of praise for her.  Michelle loves people as well as singing.  She has a strong personality without being intimidating.  She is a very talented teacher who quickly identifies key issues to work on and helps singers of all levels to sing better in just a short time and get that ‘I can do it!’ feeling."

Susan Epp
Yellowknife, Canada

"I absolutely loved the time I spent taking voice lessons from Michelle in the past couple of years. She so easily made me see an entire new world of possibilities for myself in music. Her never failing optimism and positive reinforcement helped me develop skills and abilities I never knew I had in me. She is also inspiring as an individual, as she is always full of life and is a sparkling ray of sunshine. "

Kate Tompkins
Yellowknife, Canada

"I began studying with Michelle Minke the second year of my Bachelor of Music degree at Ambrose University College. Before working with Michelle, I really wasn't aware of my own potential and within our first lesson together I heard incredible differences. Michelle has been so integral to my development as a classical singer, artist and confident performer. Her guidance, support and committed investment in me has made all the difference in my development both technically and artistically. the strides that I have made under her skilled hand still shock me when I think about them today, having now been her student for 3 years. Michelle possesses a profound understanding of vocal technique, interpretation, repertoire and the business of being a singer and her down to earth, supportive and goal oriented teaching style makes every lesson a chance to learn something brand new and exciting."

Bethany Routledge
M.Music Candidate
University of Western Ontario

"For the last two years of my undergraduate degree I was fortunate enough to have Michelle Minke as my vocal instructor. Michelle has an amazing ability to develop both vocal technique and performance skills. Her knowledge that stems from her extensive performance career and training with some of the best in the business was a huge asset to my development as an artist. As I began my first audition tour for graduate schools and summer programs, Michelle helped me to feel more than prepared not only vocally but also mentally. In addition to her incredible teaching skills, Michelle has the gift of encouraging and supporting singers in their musical journey. The knowledge that I gained from Michelle’s teaching has helped me to successfully enter in as a confident and proficient Masters student in the UBC Opera program.

I cannot thank her enough for the time and effort she invested into helping me develop into the best singer I could possibly be. Michelle is a gem and truly one of Calgary’s finest teachers."

Katie McCullough
U of BC Masters Graduate
and Finalist in the MET National Council Auditions

"I took voice lessons for my last two years at Ambrose University and College with Michelle Minke. I had never previously taken voice lessons so I didn't know what to except when I would walk into that room for my first lesson. Although, I was nervous Michelle made my lessons so comfortable and enjoyable. I started my voice lessons thinking I was going to sing pop or secular music, but Michelle soon noticed my potential and encouraged me to sing classical. Michelle has been a supportive, caring, understanding teacher and challenges her students to always be the best that they can be. As she has said to me and I'm sure numerous other students we must "Step into our Destiny". Michelle has numerous years of education and experience within the opera world, not to mention being the founder of her own opera company. She has taught me the most important techniques to being the best singer that I can be. Most importantly the golden rule as a singer: Support! I still hear her voice saying that to me every time I sing! As a singer you never realize the importance of your breath until you actually use it to it's fullest potential and let me tell you, You notice the difference in your singing. I can't imagine having any other teacher. She truly is the best, and I'm not just saying that because she was my voice teacher. But because she truly is the best!"

Stephanie Plummer
University of Toronto Undergraduate Candidate

"As parents of a 18 year old who discovered his passion for voice performance and opera at COSA in August 2012; the past 11 months have been a blur! Michelle is always accessible, encouraging and professional, but it is her passion for voice performance, positive energy and sincere desire for her students to love singing that impresses us and continues to inspire our son. She encouraged him to set a goal for a university voice performance program and then guided us through the process. Without her direction, support and lotsof reassurance it could have been overwhelming. We will always be grateful for the good fortune of being directed to Michelle as a voice teacher and strongly recommend her as an outstanding teacher and mentor."
Michelle and William Copeland

"I can remember the first time I met Michelle like it was yesterday. I remember walking up those wooden steps into the house that seemed almost too small and ringing a door bell for about five minutes, only to discover later on that it didn't work. After that I was greeted by some lady with crazy jet black hair and a smile that really captured your attention. She talked to me about my previous experience in singing and asked me if I knew what voice type I was. I felt totally inexperienced and was almost certain that after I told her that I hadn't ever sung before that she would turn me down. To my surprise, she invited me to an opera camp known as COSA or Cowtown Opera Summer Academy. I was a little doubtful about the camp, but agreed to partake in it anyways. My experience at COSA changed my life forever. Michelle's teaching and the experience of all the other teachers there opened up new worlds and passions I had never really known before. From discovering a love for opera, all the way to learning and appreciating the art of vocal yoga, Michelle inviting me to COSA was truly the beginning of an operatic journey I'm still traveling today. My experience with opera and Michelle didn't end at COSA however! After my time spent at the summer camp, I was invited to partake in weekly singing lessons at Michelle's place. Michelle told me that she believed if I worked hard enough, I may even be able to get into university for opera! This was something that caught me completely off guard. Ever since I was a little boy I'd believed that I would be going to university for acting (another one of my passions). But after hearing about how opera was the greatest combination of both acting and singing, I knew that opera was the life for me. We began working on repertoire, meeting each Wednesday afternoon, warming up and then belting out everything from English Art songs all the way to German Leiders. The work was sometimes very hard and Michelle would push me harder each week, but I was improving with each lesson. My drive to go to university for opera was so great that I actually dropped a course at school, just so I would have time to practice during the day. Michelle held master classes with other students who were trying to get into universities for singing as well, giving us an opportunity to sing comfortably in front of an audience without being judged if we missed a note or forgot the words in one of our songs too. I can remember having the hardest time beginning an Italian Art Song, messing up the first note over and over and over to the point that everyone in the room was laughing, but Michelle just pushed me forward until I hit the right note. When the time came to fly off to all the universities to audition, Michelle had all the confidence in the world, and thanks to her, I did too. With Michelle's help and lots of teaching, I was able to make into McGill for their vocal performance program! I will be flying off to Montreal in the Fall to continue my opera career, but I will always remember the help and inspiration Michelle has given me. Without Michelle, I don't know where I would be today. Suffice it to say, she's been a huge inspiration. Her kindness, teaching and heart have encouraged me to achieve goals I never even dreamed of until I met her. I will never forget the first day I met her, or the laughter we've shared in that small home of hers. The memories I have within its walls are ones that I should hope to keep forever, so that I never lose sight of where I started and who had the heart to believe in me, even when I didn't."

Reed Copeland, 17
McGill University Undergraduate Candidate

"I have studied with Michelle just over a year, and in that year my voice has greatly improved. Michelle quickly identified technical problems and helped me to fix them with ease. Michelle brings a well rounded singing education that caters to her students' wants and needs, as well as a positive and supportive attitude. As a serious singer, she is helping me both set and achieve professional goals. Her vast amount of knowledge and experience combined with her love of music and positive energy makes her one of the top teachers in the city. It has truly been a privilege to study with Michelle!"

Jocelyn Fransescut

"I had the opportunity to be coached by Michelle for two years at Ambrose University. She taught me proper breathing technique, posture, vocal health, and even helped me to love singing classical music - languages included. She showed me multiple warming up techniques that actually warm your voice up and even taught me how to speak with a supported voice to keep my voice healthy. She has an amazing knowledge of vocal technique, but also knowledge in the art and expression of singing. Because of this, she helped me to become confident in my singing by getting me to step out of my bubble, which ultimately made me confident in other areas of my life. Michelle always brought a smile to my face and encouraged me to pursue what I love. She was such a positive influence in my life and always supported my decisions no matter what. Michelle is a fabulous teacher and I recommend her to everyone!"

Chelsey Steeves, 19